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Hi, my name is Tim. I design and build software,
amongst other things.

I live in San Francisco, where I enjoy hot beverages, books, and making music.

Case Studies


If you'd like a bit more insight into how my design process works, the following case studies are available:

The Goods:



OS X App

The most productive way to run your business on the Mac



Web/Mobile App

A handy guide to nightly events in the Bay Area arts scene

Code , UX , Visuals

QuickBooks Online

Web App

Revolutionary redesign of the world's leading accounting software


Watkins Media


Branding and identity for a San Jose-based multimedia company


A Human Costume

Album Artwork

The booklet, case, and disc graphics of a spooky album release



iPad App

An innovative weather interface that launched alongside the iPad


AccuWeather TV

Smart TV App

Live weather and radar information delivered to millions of Smart TVs

Code , UX

JSP Social Media

Artist Websites

Judgement Shall Pass: This is the last of the great MySpace tweaks!

Code , Visuals


Desktop Gadget

Custom forecast and radar data, delivered to your desktop

UX , Code , Visuals

Cisco TacOps

Web/Google Earth

Using the web to better coordinate emergency response teams

UX , Code , Visuals

PetPlace Station

Multimedia Startup

A community for pet enthusiasts of all kinds to connect and share

Code , UX

IBM BlueHouse

Research & Development

Helping IBM to craft the next generation of the collaborative web



Search Engine

Google-surpassing search engine for free and open-source software

Code , Visuals


Web Platform

An image-blogging suite built for professional photographers and travelers

Code , UX , Visuals


Web App

A humor-based community site for sharing multimedia

Code , Visuals

Previous Work


My old portfolios, starting as early as 2006

UX , Code , Visuals

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