QuickBooks Online on a MacBook


During the four years I worked on QuickBooks Online, our team completely redesigned the app from the ground up to be simpler for everyone. The end result brought us critical acclaim and grew the userbase by over a million people. I've got a few patents on the way from this work, and I'm happy to see the product continuing to evolve in such delightful ways!

Dashboard Screenshot

QBO's Dashboard.

Sales Page Screenshot


"It's the best one-screen access to sales transaction data that I've ever seen."

-Kathy Yakal, PC Magazine

Reports Page Screenshot

The reports page.

Sign-up Page Screenshot

A page from the signup process, which animates nicely while we set up a new account.

QuickBooks Online


Web Application

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The world's #1 cloud-based accounting software. QuickBooks online helps over 1.5 million small businesses get work done. PC Magazine Editor's Choice.

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