Cirrus on two iPads


One of my personal favorites. The AccuWeather app had a unique 24-hour dial that would display the day's weather as you drag a finger around the circle. It also pioneered a feature called the Scrubber, which overlayed a big, bold navigation that was a joy to fling and flick. Our team started working on this the day the iPad was announced and launched alongside the device.

The Scrubber

Cirrus' Radar view

The weather in Boulder

The Scrubber, again.


The Dial


Dial View, today
Dial View, tomorrow


"The AccuWeather iPad app is so sexy.
Try the hourly forecast. The dial interface is brilliant."

-Alex Payne



iPad Application

AccuWeather, 2009

Weather information, videos, radar, and forecasts, packaged in a dark, minimalistic, easy-to-use package.

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